Top Ten Musical Numbers from TV Shows

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7. Mad Men

“Mad Men” is infused with music, always. However, the show hadn’t dabbled in any actual song and dance until Season 5. When Mrs. Megan Draper, played by Jessica Paré, treated her husband Don (Jon Hamm,) and everyone else in the room, to a performance of “Zou Bisou Bisou,” it was all critics could talk about. Minutes after the scene aired, “Zou Bisou Bisou” was trending on Twitter, and the episode ended up being the highest rated of the season. The song was later released as a single on iTunes.

6. Eli Stone

Eli Stone was slowly fazed into oblivion during the writers strike after two short seasons. Eli, the title character, actually had an brain aneurism that caused musical hallucinations. The gem of a program featured Jonny Lee Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Victor Garber, Loretta Devine and frequent appearances by George Michael. There were a number of solid musical numbers, but we thought you’d enjoy this one best.

5. House

As Dr. House, Hugh Laurie was known to sit down at his piano and play the blues weekly. Laurie’s interpretive skills and emphatic delivery of the jazz standards became a staple in the show. The show also featured Lin Manuel (In the Heights) rapping and the guys of “House” gave karaoke a go. In season seven, as the show neared its finality, Cuddy (House’s love interest, at the time) is hospitalized with kidney problems. She has several elaborate dreams, including a fully realized dance sequence. In the scene, Laurie sings a stylized version of “Get Happy.”

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