Top Ten Broadway – Theater related videos on youtube

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Here are the Top Ten Broadway – theater related videos on Youtube as of August, 2012.

(Criteria for selection: must be performed by an actor or actress that has
been on Broadway, West End or other theatrical production.
Must be a performance, not a recording playing over images.)

Which ones are your favorites?

1. Cats – Memories 11,804,597 views


2. Voca People 11,007,047 views


3. Green Day – 21 Guns Cast Recording 10,437,769 views


4. A Very Potter Musical  9,164,503 views


5. Phantom of the Opera 5,431,268 views

Music Video for Phantom of the Opera featuring Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley


6. Defying Gravity – Tony Awards 4,880,260 views

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth performing Defying Gravity at the Tony Awards.


7. Stomp Out Loud 4,828,860 views


8. The Little Mermaid – Under the Sea 4,559,267 views


9.  The Internet is for Porn – Avenue Q 4,266,848 views


10. Neil Patrick Harris 2011 Tony Awards Opening Number

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