Grosses take a dive for the week ending March 4, 2012

Weekly Broadway Grosses

After several weeks of strong showings, Porgy and Bess takes a hit. The show played at only 64% capacity and grossed $639,026, $242,200 less than last week’s end. In fact, many shows saw a dip in grosses this week—the Book of Mormon serving as the exception. The show surged back to the number […]

Grosses are up! Presidents’ Day weekend boosts the Broadway box office

Weekly Broadway Grosses

After a rocky month and a half, weekly grosses are finally up—a difference of $4,429,269. Most shows enjoyed a box office bump on account of the long Presidents’ Day weekend. Wicked, again, claimed the top spot, reaching nearly $2 million. Jersey Boys made a run for the top five, cementing its place in […]

Critics feel at home in Shatner’s World


William Shatner may be best known for his bout as Captain Kirk on the television series Star Trek, but he doesn’t address that until about an hour into his new one-man show Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It. The production marks his first appearance on Broadway in fifty years. And by most […]