Grosses Hold Tight for the Week Ending Aug. 5 2012


Broadway Grosses remain relatively steady for the week ending August 2, 2012. The Lion King edged out Wicked by just $384, while both productions took in more than $2 million in box office sales. Spider-man, The Book of Mormon, Once, Newsies, Evita and Mary Poppins file in to complete the millionaire club. Harvey, […]

Grosses are up! Presidents’ Day weekend boosts the Broadway box office

Weekly Broadway Grosses

After a rocky month and a half, weekly grosses are finally up—a difference of $4,429,269. Most shows enjoyed a box office bump on account of the long Presidents’ Day weekend. Wicked, again, claimed the top spot, reaching nearly $2 million. Jersey Boys made a run for the top five, cementing its place in […]

Broadway Grosses for Week Ending 01-08-12 continue to drop


Broadway grosses continue to take a hit in what is the traditional wintertime slump. The week ending 1-15-12 saw grosses fall even further, with only five shows making their way into the Millionaire Club. Wicked and The Lion King, however continue to go strong, both selling at about 100% capacity. How to Succeed […]