Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark settle lawsuit with Director Julie Taymor, keeps the lights on

Julie Taymor Spider-Man

Director Julie Taymor (Tony winner for The Lion King), writer Glen Berger and 8 Legged Productions LLC, the Producer of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off the Dark, have announced that the pending litigation between them has been settled by mutual agreement of all parties. Spider-Man is the most costly musical in Broadway history with a reported […]

‘Spider-Man’ stuntman take legal action against the producers

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According to the New York Times, performer Richard Kobak is taking legal action against the Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark producers for injuries sustained while working on the show. Kobak played Spider-Man in several of the characters flying sequences and says he suffered two herniated discs, a concussion, whiplash and holes in both […]

Spider-Man headed to European Arenas

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Broadway blockbuster, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, has its sights set on a European Arena tour. The New York Post reports that producers of the $80 million production have been scouting large arenas in London and Hamburg, Germany, avoiding the Victorian playhouses in the West End. The large arenas provide the opportunity for […]

Julie Taymor reaches agreement with ‘Spider-Man’


The battle between producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and former director of the production Julie Taymor has been settled and Taymor should be flying high. Producers have agreed to pay Julie Taymor full royalties for her Director services for the New York production of Spider-an Turn Off the Dark, from the […]

Share you Valentine with Spider-man

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What’s more romantic than a genetically altered spider that bites a teenage boy, turning him into a crime-fighting super hero? Nothing, according to Spider-man Turn Off the Dark. The record breaking Broadway musical wants to be your Valentine and is offering a Valentine’s Day package to help you celebrate the festivities of love. […]

Spiderman Turn Off The Dark gets new creative team and delays opening until summer

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

Send to Kindle In not so unexpected news, Spiderman Turn Off the Dark (2.5 Stars out of 5) will delay its opening until some time this summer as it revamps the show in hopes of making significant improvements. The creative team has been bolstered by the addition of Philip William McKinley (Director) and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa […]

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark hires new music consultant

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

Once again we find ourselves talking about Spiderman Turn Off the Dark on Broadway.  With rumors swirling around that the show had hired a new director to help Julie Taymor, subsequently denied by show spokesperson Rick Miramontez, this is the first confirmed move that the producers have brought on an outsider to help […]

Will Spiderman on Broadway get a new Director

Spiderman Turn Off The Dark

The web over at the Hilton Theatre has just gotten more complex. Spiderman – Turn off the Dark (2.5 star rating), the most expensive Broadway musical of all time will have a new director, according to reports from The New York Post and NY1. The troubled musical which has already added Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, […]

Review Roundup: Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

Today, several newspapers decided to publish reviews of Spiderman Turn Off the Dark. In an unprecedented move, these papers sent critics to review a show that is still in previews.  Their reasoning, and we quote Ben Brantley of the New York Times, is, “ since this show was looking as if it might settle into […]

Is Spiderman Turn Off the Dark a Joke?

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

In today’s article by Patrick Healy of the NY Times, Mr. Healy explores the possibility that the show may not be able to hold its audience after all the ‘hype’ settles and the show opens.  Judging from all the posts on twitter and facebook from the first preview onwards, there is a lot […]