Smash is Back! Review Round-Up

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Smash is Back!

smashThe much anticipated second season of Smash premiered on Tuesday, February 5. The two-hour episode had twitter abuzz and critics clamoring, but what did everyone think? It is generally agreed upon that the series had collapsed into a bit of a mess by last season’s end, but after a creative shake up, some cast eliminations and a number of additions (Jeremy Jordan, Jennifer Hudson), season two looked promising.

The overall impression–Smash’s season two opener was a succes. The new talent did not disappoint. The premiere featured show-stopping tunes from Jennifer Hudson and Jeremy Jordan– these in addition to songs sung by Megan Hilty and Katherine McPhee, already fan favorites. Music was integrated without the use of the dream-sequence (save one- Derek hallucinates that the women in his life are singing the Eurythmics hit, “Would I Lie to You.”). Plus, the episode featured cameo appearances from New York Post theater columnist Michael Riedel, Broadway vet Harvey Fierstein and president of Jujamcyn Theaters,  Jordan Roth.

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