School of Rock to Broadway? Andrew LLoyd Webber to turn movie into stage musical

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School of Rock“God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass.”, so said Dewey Finn (played by Jack Black) in the film School of Rock. Now, it seems that Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber has the same feelings. He recently sat down with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC radio to discuss his current project, STEPHEN WARD, and while doing so also shed light on his acquiring of the stage rights to School of Rock, his plans to bring the film to the stage and the possibility that he might contribute some new songs to the musical adaptation.

Andrew Lloyd WebberLord Webber says, “People forget that you write what you write because you want to write it. I don’t write because I think I’ve got to write another musical. I mean, you know, I just enjoy doing it.” A bit later he says, ”Another thing that I’ve just got the rights to that I am very excited about but will obviously not be – there may be songs for me in it, but it’s obviously got songs in it as it stands – is that movie SCHOOL OF ROCK.” He later concludes, “So, I will go from STEPHEN WARD, which is really going to be sort of a chamber musical, to a musical about kids playing the guitar!” he says with a bit of a laugh.

So we want to know, WHO will play Dewey Finn in the film?  Wouldn’t that be fun if it was Jack Black’s Broadway debut?!

To hear the entire interview with Lord Webber, click here

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