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A Review of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (Broadway)

By Bj D., April 06, 2011

  • Overall
    2 stars

I saw Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (Broadway) on 04/03/11. Overall, I'd say it was a 2-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “Visually stunning but weak otherwise.”

I'd describe the show as weak.

I went to the show with a childlike anticipation. I'm a fan of JT and after reading many reviews I really wanted to see this show succeed. Sadly it was not to be. If you are into special FX and high flying stunts then this show will not disappoint. However, if the book and lyrics are a high priority then you may well be disappointed.

The plot, I felt, was incoherent and loose. I wondered why the need for so many villains when precious time could have been given to develop the Green Goblins character, not to mention Peter Parkers relationship to JJ Jaminson and the newspaper.

As for the music, it was the weakest link of all. I think one mark of great theater music is being able to walk out after the show and humming at least one tune. Not so with this show. While there is no debating the historical impact Bono and the Edge has made to Pop music, to me they failed to understand writing for theater. No question the show would have been much better with different music.

I really wanted this show to work out for JT and the innovative and creative spirit she brings to the theater. Unfortunately Spider-Man just left me in a web of confusion and disappointment.

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