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A Review of Next To Normal (Broadway)

By Hayley M., May 09, 2011

  • Acting
    5 stars
  • Choreography
    3 stars
  • Dancing
    4 stars
  • Direction
    5 stars
  • Lyrics
    5 stars
  • Music
    5 stars
  • Overall
    5 stars
  • Production
    5 stars
  • Singing
    5 stars
  • Story
    5 stars
  • Writing
    5 stars

I saw Next To Normal (Broadway) on 12/18/10. Overall, I'd say it was a 5-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “I was completely moved by the show's unique, original story. The music especially blew me away!”

I had a wonderful time and left the show feeling inspired and moved. I'd describe the show as sad, warped, and intense. Marin and jason (as diana and dan) was a highlight of the show because they are married in real life! . If this were a movie, I'd rate it R. I would recommend this show to teenagers and adults, especially people struggling with loss or depression but not to kids.

I saw this show because I had heard great things about it and the music was good. I would see it again. I sat in the center mezzanine area of the theater. The view was the best in the house. and the seats were hard and old.

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