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A Review of Mrs. Warren's Profession (Broadway)

By Alan Miller, October 04, 2010

  • Overall
    5 stars

I saw Mrs. Warren's Profession (Broadway) on 10/02/10. Overall, I'd say it was a 5-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “Cherry Jones and Sally Hawkins really did Shaw proud in bringing his show to life”

I had a terrific time and left the show feeling satisfied and rewarded. I'd describe the show as thoughtful, controversial, and entertaining. The performances by cherry jones and sally hawkins was a highlight of the show because they are both consummate actors who played off each other to perfection. If this were a movie, I'd rate it PG-13. I would recommend this show to almost everyone I know but not to children or prudes.

I saw this show because I am a great fan of both Shaw and Cherry Jones. I would see it again. I sat in the center orchestra area of the theater. The view was clear and the seats were excellent.

This is one of Shaw's best and most controversial shows, having been banned in England for a decade after he wrote it in 1893. I have posted a longer review of this show (as well as reviews of several other shows) on my blog

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