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A Review of Jerusalem (Broadway)

By Alan Miller, June 13, 2011

  • Acting
    5 stars
  • Direction
    3 stars
  • Overall
    3 stars
  • Production
    4 stars
  • Story
    2 stars
  • Writing
    3 stars

I saw Jerusalem (Broadway) on 06/12/11. Overall, I'd say it was a 3-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “Mark Rylance is terrific but the rest of the play is nothing to write home about”

I had a disappointing time and left the show feeling cheated. I'd describe the show as overblown, pretentious, and distasteful. Mark rylance was a highlight of the show because he is truly an extraordinary talent. If this were a movie, I'd rate it PG-13.

I wouldn't see this show again. I sat in the right mezzanine area of the theater. The view was clear and the seats were comfortable.

Mark Rylance just won the Tony for Best Actor for his performance in this play and he truly deserved it. But the play itself is overlong and overrated. I have posted an expanded review of this play and reviews of a large number of other plays on my blog

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