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A Review of Everyday Rapture (Broadway)

By Ashley M., June 10, 2010

  • Acting
    1 star
  • Choreography
    1 star
  • Dancing
    1 star
  • Direction
    1 star
  • Lyrics
    1 star
  • Music
    2 stars
  • Overall
    1 star
  • Production
    1 star
  • Singing
    3 stars
  • Story
    1 star
  • Writing
    1 star

I saw Everyday Rapture (Broadway) on 05/27/10. Overall, I'd say it was a 1-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “I-wanted-to-get-on-Broadway-and-I-did-YAY-ME is not a good premise for a show. Ever. ”

I had a terrible time and left the show feeling boredom and resentment. I'd describe the show as over-hyped, superficial, and lacking something meaningful. Eamon foley was a highlight of the show because he is a great performer. If this were a movie, I'd rate it PG. I would recommend this show to no one but not to anyone.

I saw this show because I got cheap tickets. I wouldn't see it again. I sat in the left balcony area of the theater. The view was perfectly clear and the seats were fine.

This is 100% the number one spot on my list of worst show I've seen on Broadway.

From the balcony (with it's railings) I felt like I was stuck on a nightmarish Space Mountain and couldn't get off. The set was nauseating, there wasn't any great music, and I thought SRS whined about things in her life that she should not have been complaining about (the fact that you grew up in Kansas and wanted to be on Broadway really bad do not merit my sympathy). I did not connect with her story at all, and though she is a good singer I did not need to listen to her for the length of an entire show.

Not worth your time.

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