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A Review of A Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (Broadway)

By Sam G., April 24, 2011

  • Acting
    4 stars
  • Direction
    4 stars
  • Overall
    4 stars
  • Production
    4 stars
  • Story
    3 stars
  • Writing
    4 stars

I saw A Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (Broadway) on 04/23/11. Overall, I'd say it was a 4-star rating. I'd summarize it by saying “It makes you think, but is more about the themes than a specific story. Well acted and interesting.”

You may or may not like the show, but it will have an impact on you. It gives what I can only imagine is an accurate depiction of war and what the stress of conflict can do to a person.

The themes it raises (greed, love, religion, power, death, God) are all very cleverly woven into the show (Robin Williams plays the tiger). It blends real and fictional characters under the hellish conditions of war.

It's not for everyone and I wish there was more plot, but I'm glad I saw it and will be thinking about this one for a long time.

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