Orphans starring Alec Baldwin opens on Broadway to mixed but good reviews

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Orphans BroadwayAfter all the recent press about the rehearsal fireworks between Shia LeBeouf and Alec Baldwin, everyone has been wondering if those fireworks would transfer to the stage and from the looks of the reviews, the have. Aside from the NY Times review, which can often sink a production, the reaction to the production, written by Lyle Kessler, directed by venerable talent Daniel Sullivan (The Merchant of Venice, Glengarry Glen Ross, Good People) and, co-starring Tom Sturridge and Ben foster, was well received by both critics and audience members who posted about the show on twitter. When analyzing social media posts, we often are not so much looking for the content of the posts (after all 85% of people who take the time to post to social media about a show they have seen say something positive) but rather the volume of posts to see how the show is doing.  By the number of posts about Orphans, it looks like this show is positioned to be a hit in the crowded end of season period on Broadway.

Here is our review roundup:

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