Top 10 Movie Musical Flops of All-Time

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7. Sparkle (2012)

U.S. Box Office: $24,387,469
Worldwide Box Office: $24,387,469
Est. Budget: $14 million

In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death, “Sparkle” was released as the star’s final farewell. Houston played Emma, the mom who couldn’t cut it in show business. She was also executive producer. It was projected that the hype surrounding her death would boost ticket sales, but the melodramatic remake of the 1976 movie received mixed reviews, which halted ticket sales. Sparkle also featured Jordan Sparks, Cee Lo Green and Mike Epps.

6. “From Justin to Kelly” (2003)

U.S. Box Office: $4,928,883 million
Worldwide Box Office: $4,928,883 million
Est. Budget: $12 million

Hot off of their American Idol Fame, Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, the winner and runner-up of the Fox hit’s first season, was a certified bomb. The movie did little more than exploit the recent success of its stars and critics hated it. The cheesy musical numbers, the sloppy choreography and the very, very thin plot made the movie a disaster. When Time Magazine asked Clarkson why she agreed to star in the movie she said, “Two words: Contractually obligated!”

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5. “Rent” (2005)

U.S. Box Office: $29,077,547
Worldwide” $31,670,620
Est. Budget: $40 million

Perhaps RENT has too much of a cult following for anyone to be completely satisfied with an adaptation. Perhaps the musical is less relevant to today’s culture. Perhaps it just wasn’t that good. Whatever the reason, the movie fizzled after its opening weekend. Producers thought that RENT-heads would come in droves to see the show’s film adaptation. Despite having kept most of its celebrated Broadway cast in tact, RENT, directed by Chris Columbus, made little impression at box offices.

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