Critics feel at home in Shatner’s World

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William Shatner may be best known for his bout as Captain Kirk on the television series Star Trek, but he doesn’t address that until about an hour into his new one-man show Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It. The production marks his first appearance on Broadway in fifty years. And by most accounts, it appears that his performance is engaging, charismatic and sharp. His quick wit makes for a fun evening fit for reminiscing, gossiping and laughing. Though, it helps to be a fan of Mr. Shatner. His ramblings might not please those unattached. Eighty years is a lot to cover in 100 minutes and he may pass over it all a little too quickly. Johnathan Mandell of The Faster Times says in his review that, “your tolerance for such sloppiness masquerading as spontaneity surely depends on how much of a William Shatner fan you are, and what you expect for $126.50.” I guess he’s not a Shatner enthusiast.

The show is written and performed by William Shatner; directed by Scott Faris; sets by Edward Pierce; lighting by Ken Billington; sound by Peter Fitzgerald; technical supervisor, Aurora Productions; general manager, Bespoke Theatricals; production stage manager, Paul J. Smith. Presented by Innovation Arts & Entertainment, Larry A. Thompson Organization, Adam Troy Epstein, Seth Keyes, Josh Sherman and Larry A. Thompson. At the Music Box Theater, 239 West 45th Street, Manhattan; (800) 432-7250; Through March 4. Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Below is our critic review round-up: